Sell What You Got | #VoodooAgent #GaryGold #LuxuryRealEstate

Sell What You Got | #VoodooAgent #GaryGold #LuxuryRealEstate

Voodoo Agent – Gary Gold Luxury Real Estate Agent Best Practices and Top Realtor Training Tips

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Video filmed at 1131 Miradero Road in Beverly Hills, CA

Episode 23: Sell What You Got

Well known agents with a lot of experience, a high profile and a great business model have a lot to sell when they are going on a listing presentation. They have the knowledge, confidence, track record and swagger to prevail when going after a listing against newer and less successful agents. But wait a minute. On any given day any agent can stand out and win business over even the most formidable opponent.

The key to winning listings is sell what you got. If you are a new agent you have 10 times the time to focus on servicing a listing, than the top agent, who has 50 other listings. A sale also means everything to you, while the best agent in the neighborhood could be somewhat indifferent. You may be coming from a different industry and you are bringing new disciplines and perspective than the typical agent. You may have 30 years of experience and have forgotten more than the young gun you are competing with remembers. These are hypothetical examples but the point is we not only sell real estate we sell ourselves. Wherever or whoever you are in your career you need to have your elevator pitch down on who you are and what your competitive advantage is. Often our ability to sell ourselves is a good indication to a Seller how effectively we are going to sell their property.

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