Perks of Luxury Apartment Living

Many people believe that owning their own home is the epitome of luxury, but a serious case for renting can be made. Today, luxury apartments offer a variety of amenities not available in the single family home, for about the same price. While the benefit to owning your own home may be the pride of ownership, the benefit to luxury renting is freedom!

Depending upon where you would like to live in the United States, the definition of luxury apartment will differ, but most offer enticing amenities to their residents. While an amazing view of the skyline might be highly sought after in New York or Chicago, an ocean view might be the perk of living in Miami or San Diego. The number one perk of renting a luxury apartment, regardless of the city, is the location. You can find a luxury apartments OKC near shops and restaurants or one that offers the seclusion you seek; the option is up to you. Obviously, the more you pay per month, the more amenities and perks you can expect. Larger cities are inclined to offer more since they are closer to entertainment and transportation and they can charge substantially more for rent. If renting in an exclusive part of town in a big city, some of the extras included might be a 24-hour doorman for safety, a concierge service to assist with day to day scheduling and chores, and an on-site security team, complete with cameras. Many concierge services now offer special incentives for their residents, from discounts to movies and live theatre to free meals at neighborhood restaurants. Gated communities or ones with some security presence are sure to appeal to luxury renters looking to feel protected. In some cities, a gated or underground parking facility is available, but if you are living in a big city like Philadelphia or New York, you may not need a parking spot—or it may be an additional cost each month. Most apartments that call themselves luxury offer the standards in luxury—closet space, more square footage, high ceilings and lots of natural light. Contingent upon where you decide to live, these luxuries might be enough for you.

The great perk about searching for an apartment is you can find one that suits all your needs, and you can search for very specific amenities. If you have a specific apartment in mind and you may have to bid against other residents to get it, you can offer to pay a year’s rent up front. The landlord may even consider giving you a discount if you pay in advance. Or, if you have a pet, many newer luxury apartments are offering amenities for the animals, including “bark parks”, animal day care centers and even grooming salons, just for pets. Many apartments are now offering a “clean up service” for pets so owners don’t have to worry about cleaning up after their pets. Sometimes these amenities are included in the rent; sometimes they are an additional fee or set up much like an HOA for a homeowner—a monthly assessment charged for the extras associated with the apartment as well as upkeep of the common grounds.  Another very specific perk offered to some renters is a shared bicycle or car service. Renters can pick up a bike and use it for the day and return it when they are finished; sharing a car works the same way. Some luxury apartments offer these transportation perks to their residents, but generally in very affluent areas where transportation service is almost expected.

Many luxury apartments feature the standard upgrades, especially to the apartments themselves. Renters will find upgraded wood flooring, plush carpeting in specific areas, brushed nickel fixtures as well as upgraded cabinets and state of the art appliances in the gourmet chef’s kitchens. While many apartments are upgraded with tasteful decorating options, some renters may be able to choose the color scheme and specific décor to mesh with their furnishings.

Outside amenities are a virtual staple of a luxury community, too. Many cater to athletic individuals, offering sport courts, water activities, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, hiking trails, playgrounds for kids, spas, saunas, and 24 hour gyms. In some areas of the country, having a garden or access to a rooftop garden or community green space is a major plus. Community clubhouses featuring chefs, cocktail hours, and various resident events make for a fun, social aspect of living in a luxury apartment. Clubhouses can often be reserved or rented for special, private events, as well.

Many apartments now offer services for their residents, such as dry cleaning pick-up and delivery, valet trash pick-up, and vehicle maintenance. OKC Luxury Apartments are offering all sorts of extras in order to attract high-end residents willing and able to shell out fees to make their lives easier. For many apartments in Nichols Hills, it is all about convenience and enhancing the living experience.

Of all of the perks that luxury rentals have to offer, probably the most appealing is leaving the maintenance to someone else! Luxury apartments offer someone to care for the upkeep of the grounds, the pool area, and all of the common areas, so while you get to enjoy the outdoor recreation space, you don’t have to maintain it. The same is true for your home; an issue with a stopped up garbage disposal or broken appliance is all in the hands of the apartment’s service department. So while owning a home might seem like an ideal prospect for some, the expense of upkeep, property taxes and home insurance falls squarely on the homeowner. Plus, if the neighborhood in which you buy starts to falter, you may have a difficult time trying to sell the home. By comparison, if a rental neighborhood doesn’t maintain its appeal, you can always break your lease and move.

Luxury living equates to a sense of pride in your living space, from the grounds and location to the décor and extras included in and around your apartment. Having access to convenient amenities like shopping or to local transportation may make all the difference in your quality of living. The luxury aspect all depends upon your needs and wants!

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