‘Going From A Buyers Agent To Massively Successful Luxury Real Estate Team Leader’

‘Going From A Buyers Agent To Massively Successful Luxury Real Estate Team Leader’

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Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent, Anthony Marguleas is one of California’s top luxury agents. Listen as Anthony and Joshua discuss how he transitioned from being strictly a buyers agent to dealing specifically with luxury homes. This dude has created massive success for himself and his family, and is just a straight badass!

-Father was an entrepreneur and owned a few of his own businesses
-Anthony started a couple of his own businesses at a young age that consisted of silk screening, insurance, mortgage and then his own real estate company.
-Has owned his own real estate company for 22 years now.
-Never actually worked for a real estate firm or had a mentor before starting his own company.
-Focused on a small geographic area and became an expert on that exact area.
-As a buyer’s agent, he referred many clients to other agents to sell their homes and created great relationships with both the clients and other agents.
-Transitioned from being a buyer’s agent to expanding into the luxury market and made that his main focus.
-“As long as you’re confident and great at what you do, people are going to trust you.”
-There was a bit of challenges dealing with celebrities attorneys, as they are looking out for their clients best interest as well.
-Started using virtual reality walk through videos for high end clients that have the VR headsets.
-Last year with 2 assistants, Anthony did 0 million in transactions with 43 sales and 31 leases.
-Hired 7 new sales partners in the last 10 months to help grow his business.
-Goal for next year is to give 0 million to charity.

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