Give Your Clients Love Or They Will Leave | #VoodooAgent #GaryGold #LuxuryRealEstate

Give Your Clients Love Or They Will Leave | #VoodooAgent #GaryGold #LuxuryRealEstate

Voodoo Agent – Gary Gold Luxury Real Estate Agent Best Practices and Top Realtor Training Tips

Music is “Good Thing” by Theodore
Video filmed at 134 Channel Pointe Mall in Marina Del Rey, CA

Episode 14 – Give Your Clients Love or They Will Leave

So you have converted that lead into a hot Buyer or Listing by connecting dots, pushing buttons and you are in play heading towards a sale. All Good? Not so quick. Buying or Selling a home puts even the most hardcore and experienced buyers and sellers in a very vulnerable position. At best selling or buying a home is complicated and tedious. Often it is all consuming and your clients fight or flight responses are stuck in the on position.

It is critical that we check in and make sure our clients are getting love and attention from us. It is not enough to be doing a good job for them, they need to know it. We also need to let them know what is happening between the lines whether it is the results from advertising or showings for a Seller or letting your anxious Buyers know about the homes that are new on the market but not for them.

It does not matter whether your Buyer or Seller is an old repeat client, a new lead or your brother, if they feel you are taking them for granted it is not going to be pretty. We also need to be teachers and have some patience. We are in a business to consumer business for the most part and our clients do not know what we know. Just because clients are sharp in their own field, they are often are clueless in ours and it is our responsibility to educate them. Buying and Selling a home is a big deal.