Do Great Things | #VoodooAgent #GaryGold #LuxuryRealEstate

Do Great Things | #VoodooAgent #GaryGold #LuxuryRealEstate

Voodoo Agent – Gary Gold Luxury Real Estate Agent Best Practices and Top Realtor Training Tips

Music is “Good Thing” by Theodore
Video filmed at 1131 Miradero Road in Beverly Hills, CA

Episode 17: Do Great Things

Real Estate is a very tedious busy with lots of detail and minutia to get done. Our checklist is never cleared. Even though the detail is essential all the money is made in moments where we do something exceptional.

When we as agents put ourselves out there and take risks where we can be annihilated or humiliated but do it anyway and succeed, that’s where we make the big bucks and build our career. There is no real money in being your own admin and clearing out your e-mail. A good indicator that you are doing something great for your career is that it takes balls to do it, you are unaware of the outcome and it is going to sting if you fail.

90% of our day tends to be filled with things that need to get done, but doesn’t matter much as it relates to the bottom line and that’s okay. What’s not okay is getting stuck in only doing the 90% and pushing aside the 10% that does matter. We wait till we feel better or are not tired or feel more confident, pick your excuse. The bottom line is how you feel or if you are ready or in the mood is a horrible indicator to determine the best time to do something great. At the earliest possible moment each day initiate your greatness and then you can spend the rest of the day sharpening pencils.


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